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Double Pack Set Vol. 1 (DP-01)

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As the next best set for value after Boosters, this product will appeal to general consumers and increase exposure to ONE PIECE Card Game in stores! The packaging doubles as a card case, making this product more economical, accessible, and collectible!

Includes 2 Randomly Selected DON!! Cards with New Designs!

  • Each set will include 2 randomly selected DON!! cards with exclusive designs, encouraging multiple purchases to collect them all!

Alongside Booster releases, we plan to roll out more products in this series!

  • The release of this product will mark the launch of a new series aimed at securing shelf space for non stop mass distribution!


  • Booster Pack -KINGDOMS OF INTRIGUE- [OP-04] ×2
  • DON!! Card ×1 (2 types)