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Exciting News!

Hello friends!

I hope everyone's doing well and I do apologize for the lack of activity/updates in the past few weeks. I've been working away at some very exciting projects, but I'm happy to finally be able to share some of them with you. :)

1. We are Moving!

As some of you are probably aware by now, we are going to be moving to a newer, bigger, and better place! I'm not going to disclose the exact location of the new address quite yet. But for those of you familiar with the area, the new store will be in the Cornell neighbourhood which is about a 15 minutes drive from the current location. 

Somewhere here!

Why are we moving?

As some of you know, I'm a player first, collector second, and owner third. Now I'm not going to bore you with the details, but this business was born from me wanting to find a cheaper way to get cards for Pokemon Play! events. At the end of the day organized play is what motivates me to keep this business going: it's fun, it's competitive, and it's rewarding.

Unfortunately, it's become increasingly difficult to run events at our current location due to the lack of space in our unit and mall management's reluctance to let us use the common space due to COVID (and rightfully so).

However, once the pandemic settles down and restrictions are lifted, our first priority will be to resume organized play. And I've decided the most practical way to accomplish this is to move to a larger space so that we can dictate when, where, and how we want to manage our events.

Our new space will have roughly 1200sqft of which the majority will be dedicated to player seating. Most important to me is that players have space and room to breathe when playing. Our goal is to accommodate 30+ players comfortably

What will happen to the current (old) space?

The plan is to continue to keep the current space as a pick-up location (at least until the Fall). We will no longer have operating hours or run any events at this location. That said, we are in discussions with having someone take over the unit, but we'll make arrangements so that pickups are still possible through them. I know there are some people who will miss the current location, but I promise this change is for the better!

When will this take place?

We should be completely moved in by the end of April so ideally we would like to welcome people once the stay-at-home order is lifted and restrictions are loosened. Once open, you can expect us to be there Monday-Sunday so drop by and play some games with us – you never know what we might be giving out to successful challengers. :)

2. Grading is back... with our friends at Ludkins!

Working with Ludkins

Long story short, I'm happy to announce that we'll be working in partnership with Ludkins USA for all our submissions going forward. As many of you know, I'm a staunch supporter of Ludkins as they are some of the best guys in the industry so I'm incredibly happy about this opportunity. And while I originally did intend to offer PSA grading, that has unfortunately been halted until July 1st. However, if you are interested in CGC submissions they are now open here!


Improvements in submission process

A few grading-related changes:

  • Form submission process has been streamlined so it's less convoluted
  • You can now get a quote through the submission form
  • Better invoicing; now accepting payments via credit cards
  • Cost of sleeves and Card Savers will now be included as part of the price (something we were informally doing before)
  • An improved and more frequently updated tracker that will contain details about your outstanding submissions (Coming real soon™)

3. Waitlists and more on Discord

A no-depost waitlist

So, we've finally finished setting up our waitlists. These waitlists will be available on our brand-new Discord server and this is how they'll work:

  • Waitlists will not be used for products that are preallocated*
  • Waitlists will be used primarily to gauge interest on a particular product and you can place yourself on the same waitlist multiple times (e.g. if you put your name 5 times, it signifies that you want 5 of that product).
  • We will fulfill the waitlist based on our % allocation (e.g. if there are 100 entries on the waitlist and we receive 20% allocation, we will randomly fulfill 20 waitlist entries)
  • Prices and deadlines will be stated ahead of time
  • Placing yourself on a waitlist is making a commitment to purchase the product if/when it becomes available
  • Anyone who doesn't honor their commitment will be barred from future waitlists

*Preallocated products are those that we cannot place orders for; the quantity we receive is determined by the distributor.

Interested in a TCG product we don't carry?

If you're interested in a TCG product that we don't currently carry, feel free to reach out to me and we may be able to put in a special order for you. Generally, we'd prefer the order quantity to be at least a case. However, if you are short by a few items, let me know as we might still be able to work something out!

Note: These orders usually have to be done months in advance of the release date.

Organized play and prerelease events

All upcoming organized play and prerelease events will be announced on our Discord server (non-Pokemon). Events we have scheduled so far are the Monarch prerelease event (May 2) and the Digimon 4.0 prerelease event (May 21-22). Should restrictions continue into May, we will be using our Discord server to run webcam events.

4. Website Changes

Release calendars and upcoming events

There is now a Release Calandar page on our website. This page will list all major products releases that we have existing preorders for. If any of these products are not listed on the website then feel free to reach out to me and I can waitlist you on the product. As well, there will also be an "Upcoming Events" page that will be updated with OP events.

New website on the way

We have a new website in progress that will be dedicated to selling singles (Pokemon and FAB as of now). Buylists/bulklists will also be introduced alongside the new website. A much needed credit system will also be in place which can be used for all products across our websites.

5. Chilling Reign

Just a quick word since a lot of you are interested in Chilling Reign. Yes, we will be carrying it. However, the entire set is being pre-allocated so we won't be doing a waitlist for it. We'll just put it directly for sale once we get our numbers.

Thank you all for being so incredibly patient with me. I love you all. <3